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Bowl Travel Outdoor Food Water Storage For pets

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Product Description

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The most important thing to travel is to reduce weight!

Without this multi-functionality, you need to prepare many cups, bowls, large glasses of water and a bag of dog food, which is very troublesome and inconvenient to carry.

But this cup can solve all your problems at one time. The very practical design made it easier and happier for you to take your pets out!

Seven colors are available!

Why chose our products?

Safe Material: Our dog water food bottles are made of food grand PP, and the two collapsible dog bowls are made of TPE, BPA FREE, 100% safe for your furry kids

2-In-1 Design: With two compartments in one bottle, one for dry food and the other for water. With two wide-mouth snap lids on the top of the cap, easy for dispensing snack or pouring water.

Leak-Proof Lid: Locking lids embedded with silicone gaskets that seal the bottles tightly and protect the food from air and water while keeping it fresh. The leak-proof lids prevent liquid from leaking.

Two Collapsible Bowls: Come with two Collapsible silicon bowls and two carabiner clips. It will be the perfect partner for a day trip, outdoor hiking, traveling and even forest adventure.


Outdoor Travelling, Walking, Hiking, Camping…



This food water dispenser with two collapsible dog bowls is Lightweight, Portable, Leek-proof and Easy to clean. You can put it inside a backpack, clip onto your water mug, or fold up into their doggie travel bags. Perfect choice for Outdoor Travelling, Walking, Hiking, Camping…