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Sofa Sleeping Bag Mats For Dogs Cat

Yellow Shiba Inu Ova
Black cow oval enclo
Dark Gray Tabby Cat
Light grey big eyed
Coffee brown bear ov
Gray Shapi Fang Wo
Coffee Tabby Cats N
Yellow Hiromi Tadash

Does your dog like to snuggle under the covers or lie under furniture?
If so, they are telling you that they crave the comfort and security of their natural sleeping environment.

In the wild, dogs were den animals and slept in caves for protection. Domesticated dogs still carry this instinct and prefer to sleep in a protected and covered space.

Dogs have three main sleeping instincts:
1) they seek a protective cover for security.
2) they like to lean against something for support,
3) and they want to fluff their sleeping place/mattress to the perfect shape.
* Key Benefits *
Pet sofa is the perfect comfy bed for dogs and even cats to lounge or sleep on.
Provides comfort and security with wrap-around gusset, carved plush center, 3-inch slab foam, and 1-inch memory foam.
The plush poly-fill bolster provides cozy support, and chenille jacquard edge fabric adds a touch of style.
Getting in is easy for pets of all ages thanks to the built-in entry dip on the front.
Features a removable cover that’s machine washable for easy cleanup.

Available in 8 colors:
-yellow Shiba
-black cow
- dark gray
-light gray
-coffee brown
-gray shap

Available Sizes: